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We're moving...sort of
Wednesday, February 07, 2007

It's been more than a little while since I last updated this site. I haven't stopped doing what I do, I've just been doing it elsewhere. As of Sunday, February 11 it will be pretty clear who I am and more.

With that out there, I'll be moving my operations to a new site, Yellow Dog Strategy. This site will serve as both my blog and portfolio for my consulting business. So, drop by and take a look.

As for Perseverando, feel free to use the images here when you want, I only ask that you link back to here or to Yellow Dog Strategy.

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We Won't Have Ole' Chad to kick Around Anymore....
Friday, November 10, 2006

In a Nixon, circa 1962 way, Chad Dotson lets us know he is leaving the blogosphere. I have made clear my feelings about Chad. While I think he is talented and very intelligent, I continue to find it inappropriate for him to operate a blog while working as a prosecutor.

I will always believe there is more to the corruption in Wise County than will ever be told. Chad mentions his upcoming election, and I suppose it is a good time to be in the Pork Rind business.

While I will not miss Chad one iota, I wish Chad nothing but luck in his career. I also wish the good people of Wise County luck in next year's election.

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Introducing Ceres...
Monday, September 18, 2006

Okay folks, I mentioned it a couple of weeks ago, and here it is, the introduction of another contributor to Perseverando. Meet Ceres. Ceres also appears on the reverse side of the Seal of the Commonwealth. Already an important influence in what goes on these parts, Ceres will now step forward post under their own name.

Ceres is a middle of the road Democrat with a independent streak about three miles wide. A parent and an activist in Southwest Virginia, Ceres brings new perspective to this blog. We won't always agree, but we have agreed to always listen to what the other person says.

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Imitation is the highest form of flattery then here is about as close as I am ever going to come to Chad Dotson. I watched the MTP debate yesterday but do not remember seeing this moment as pictured in the Washington Post. I thought it might make for a good caption contest. Let the vitriol fly!!

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Allen Website, "Bush sucks"
Sunday, September 17, 2006

In what must be a painful admission from "Allen's new blog guru," Jon Henke says, "Bush sucks." That's right, Mr. Henke predicted that in today's NBC "Meet the Press" debate between George Allen and Jim Webb, "Jim Webb will remind people that (1) he opposed the war in Iraq and (2) Bush sucks."

I admire Mr. Henke's honesty. After six years of dishonest leadership, moral bankruptcy, and thousands, upon thousands of lives destroyed, someone in the GOP finally has the nerve to stand up and speak truth to power, "Bush sucks."

Just in case Mr. Henke's little post is accidentally altered, here it is in screenshot format.

Mr. Henke's admission could be troubling to his fellow Republican bloggers. If they follow the logical path of his statement. If "A" is true and "B" is true, the sum of "A" + "B" must also be true.

"Bush sucks," and George Allen agrees with Bush 97% of the time, therefore, George Allen "sucks" 97% of the time.

God bless you Mr. Henke.

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