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Bloggers United ::: Martinsville
Sunday, August 27, 2006

(Left to right) Leslie Byrne, Alton Foley, Chris Saxman, Eileen Levandoski, Jerry Fuhrman, Josh Chernilla, Greg Letiecq, Carl Kilo, Brian Patton, Paul Anderson, Ben Tribbett, and Jay Hughes.

A quick word on this weekend...Fantastic. Alton Foley and crew did a great job organizing this event and making everyone feel at home. I am not sure what I was expecting, but I had a wonderful time, made some new friends, tore down some walls with some other folks, and learned a great deal.

The picture above captures just a few of those who participated. Some of those not pictured are Republitarian and his wife (I have the picture, just cannot see much with the burkha and all) Will Vehrs, Steve Minor, John Brownlee, Steve Sisson, Tucker Watkins, and others.

I think enjoyed meeting some of the conservative bloggers more than anything. Not because I was able to take pictures for future photoshopping, but because I realized they didn't have horns and were just as passionate about their beliefs as I am. In fact, Kilo almost convinced me Chad Dotson was a good guy. He did convince me that enough people respect Chad that I included him in my blogroll. (Yes, I am acutely aware that the addition of Chad to my blogroll will do nothing for Chad.)

Major kudos to Senator Roscoe Reynolds for attending Friday night's function at Chatmoss Country Club. It was great to get to talk to the Senator and I really appreciate his taking the time to attend.

Everyone knows the genesis of this event and it is sad, if not shameful, that Delegate Ward Armstrong lives so close to Patrick Henry Community College and he chose not to attend. Perhaps he was live blogging at Raising Kaine and that is why Lowell Feld chose not to attend. Ho do you coordinate the netroots when you do not associate or participate in functions with your peers?

I genuinely enjoyed Chris Saxman's talk, and that of John Brownlee, but my favorite was Leslie Byrne. She tells it like it is, and lives with the consequences. She is a rockstar!!!

posted by Libertas @ 11:26 PM,


At 10:52 AM, Blogger kilo said...

Great post.
"Not because I was able to take pictures for future photoshopping, but because I realized they didn't have horns and were just as passionate about their beliefs as I am."
That thought alone is an awesome goal achieved. Can we really ask for more?
Take care.

At 1:40 PM, Blogger Republitarian's Wife said...

Dear sweet Libertas,

How much must I pay you for the peace of mind that you will not photoshop the burkah off of me?


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